Why Working Moms Should Pamper Themselves and Get a Treatment of Dysport in Singapore

Just as we have reached the time where everything seems to be instant, from food to information to different types of services, one industry continues to develop various treatments that can bring their clientele the same satisfaction in order to address something that cannot be reversed by time: ageing.

As time continues to go on and on, so does our bodies proceed to its natural decline. Obvious telltale signs of ageing creep up as the skin in our faces become creased and saggy. Knowing that time is essential to everyone’s busy life, you might be wondering, “Is there an aesthetic treatment that can be done and generate results fast?”

If you are a working mom who wishes to still look young and stress free while doing an excellent job of juggling your home and career, do not be disheartened! This article tells us all about what a treatment of Dysport in Singapore can do to change your life. Through this quick read (yes, we know time is of the essence!), Dr Israr Wong covers the important details about this ‘instant party-ready facelift’ that has gotten a lot of women hooked.


Introduction to Dysport

Dysport (abobotulinumtoxin A) is a type of medication prescribed by doctors to mainly treat muscle spasms. In the aesthetic industry, Dysport is used to prevent and reduce wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful and lifted appearance of the skin. When injected into the face, Dysport works to relax the muscles beneath the skin, making them appear smoother.


Dysport Dermalift: What is it about?

There is a special technique developed by a South Korean doctor, Dr Lee Young Seob, which led to the discovery of Dyport’s ability to give instant facelift. A dilemma that Dr Seob had to find a solution for is the effect that Dysport has on the facial muscles.

Dysport, in general, disables the movement of the muscles underneath the skin, making a person look expressionless. A majority of Dr Seob’s clients were into the film industry and, although the treatment was effective in preserving their youthful look, it did not do justice to their acting career. Their faces remained stoic no matter what emotion they tried to express.

With Dysport Dermalift, Dr Seob’s technique is performed by diluting Dysport and injecting it only into the cells of the skin, instead of all the way through the muscles.

Results of Dysport Dermalift

The results of Dysport Dermalift can instantly be seen. Yes, you can expect to see significant changes in your face right after the treatment. You will observe that your face looks tighter and lifted, specifically in your cheeks, forehead, eyebrows, jowls, and even in your neck area. Likewise, the face is reformed to a V-shaped contour as it lessens the size of your face’s width. This improvement will keep getting better up until 2 weeks following your treatment.

Also, do note that the success of your results will depend heavily on the doctor doing your Dysport Dermalift treatment. Not all doctors in Singapore are able to perform this technique with the right skills. It is always best to do a bit of research to find out if the doctor you are considering has enough knowledge and experience in administering this procedure.

Longevity of Dysport Dermalift results

The results of Dysport Dermalift can be enjoyed for 5 months. For maintenance, you can visit your doctor regularly at an interval of 3 to 4 months.


Best candidates for Dysport Dermalift

This is certainly best for busy moms who have little time in their hands for ‘me time.’ Dysport Dermalift can be done in as quick as 60 minutes or less and can easily be inserted within your daily agenda. Over lunch perhaps?

This method is non-surgical, so if you do not wish to undergo the knife to get a facelift, this is definitely your best option.

Age-wise, this treatment is best for women within the age of 20s and nearing 40.

Dysport Dermalift, however, is not effective in patients with severe skin sagging and wrinkling.

Cost of Dysport Dermalift in Singapore

Compared to plastic surgery, Dysport Dermalift is way cheaper. The cost of this procedure in Singapore ranges from $700 to $1,200. That’s instant facelift with no downtime at a reasonable cost!

Risks and Side Effects of Dysport Dermalift

Each aesthetic procedure has its own list of risks and side effects, which is normal. Dysport Dermalift is done in a specific and meticulous way, so it is important that you get an experienced doctor to do your procedure to ensure that you receive the utmost care and optimal results. Otherwise, you can expect the following things to happen:

  • Asymmetrical smile
  • Ptosis
  • Pain
  • Urticaria or hives, although rare

As a usual reminder, ensure that your chosen aesthetic doctor is proficient in performing Dysport Dermalift to avoid suffering from any of its risks and side effects.


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